"carpe diem quam minimum credula postero"?
“Seize the day, trust in the future as little as possible.”

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This is a beginning and nowhere close to done yet.

Some IRC commands work on any IRC server.

Some commands are configured to only work on specific types of servers.

Some examples of those that work on all types would be:

/join #channel Used to join a particular channel
(some servers, such as the old MSN and clones use "roomnames" rather than "Channels", However, channel is the correct term.

/nick newnick Used to change your current name to another.
Where you would put type the [Name you wish to use] in place of [newnick]

/part #channel Used to close a channel when you wish to remain on the server but not in that channel.

/quit Used to close the connection to the server.

In these pages "Client" is the Application you use to communicate on IRC: IE mIRC, pIRCh, MSChat, Webchat, ETC.

"Server" is the place you connect to in order to Communicate: IE. Koach.com, Undernet, etc.

"Channel" is the "room" you actually chat in.

Common IRC Errrors    [Courtesy of mIRC Forums]