"carpe diem quam minimum credula postero"?
“Seize the day, trust in the future as little as possible.”

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My Great Grandmother
Buster.jpg (153182 bytes)
My Dad on his horse
Mom.jpg (99692 bytes)

My Mother in Early 20s

NewtonClark-MaryJaneLandes.jpg (331606 bytes)

My Great Grandparents

N-R-L.jpg (79107 bytes)

My Sisters and I

USS Yorktown CV10 (79107 bytes)
USS Yorktown CV 10
Landesfamily1900.jpg (79107 bytes)

Landes Family in 1900

Dad Wilson and family (147217 bytes)
Dad Wilson and Family
Dad Duane Me (147217 bytes)
Duane, Dad and I
Me and the USS Maury AGS-16
Me and the USS Maury AGS-16